Digimon Heroes! APK Mod (Unlimited FP) v1.4.2

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Digimon Heroes! APK
Digimon Heroes! APK Mod (Unlimited FP)

Download Digimon Heroes! Mod (Unlimited FP) 1.4.2 APK for Android: Digimon Heroes! is a match-3 Card Fight enterprise highlighting an elite player cast of more than 1000 of your most loved DIGIMON characters in the palm of your hand. In the course of the most recent years, Digimon armed forces have been in an interminable battle, leaving Document Island in remains. This can no more proceed and we should make a move!

Take after Angewomon's direction to help you digivolve your Digimon group and turn into a definitive Digimon Legend!
• Straightforward AND Vital Activity
Match Order Cards to shape chains and destroy your foes!
• Gather YOUR Most loved DIGIMON
You can browse more than 1000 diverse Digimon, from basic to fabulous!
Upgrade the Digimon who host joined your get-together by digifusing them, digivolve them into much more grounded structures, lastly get through their cutoff points to unleash their maximum capacity.
• EPIC Fights AND Exceptional Occasions
Battle your way through Document Island and push your group as far as possible with epic occasions and difficulties!

Note: Digimon Legends! is allowed to download and play however there are in-application buys accessible. In the event that you don't wish to utilize these elements, you can debilitate in-application buys in your gadget's settings. In-application buys are accessible by means of the Shop inside of the diversion. It would be ideal if you allude to In-Application Buys for value levels.

A system association is required to play.

Screenshot :

Digimon Heroes! APK Mod (Unlimited FP) Digimon Heroes! APK Mod
Digimon Heroes Mod APK Digimon Heroes APK Mod Hack

What's New ??

Tamers, after reading all the rad feedback you've sent us we made some changes!
  • NEW Digi-Eggs timer
  • NEW SFX added to the Wheel of Fortune!
  • NEW Tap the top UI XP bar to show your full XP info!
  • NEW Tap on any Daily Missions/Missions reward to uncover it!
  • NEW Tap the card from any Limited Pack to open its info pop-up!

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Download link :

Digimon Heroes! APK Mod (Unlimited FP) v1.4.2

How to Download ??

  1. Click "Download" Link
  2. Wait for 5 second !!
  3. Click Continue and Ignone Ads!
  4. And Click Link Download Button
  5. Get your File Apk, and install to your device

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