How To Download at Permata Store

We can not be denied that we set up a blog to earn money, but to make it easier to get a file on our blog, we give little tips and tutorials how to download in our blog. following a few tips for you. May be useful :

How to Download :

  1. click "Download link"
  2. wait for 5 second!!
  3. Click "Download Link Button" and the link will lead to my Safelink.
  4. Wait for 5 Second and click download link.
  5. And Download file with file name not much different from the package name.

One again, we have a sitemap page where you can find a full list of our articles that have been sorted. Perhaps there you will be easier to search App for Android you seek, and there you can also determines the development of Apps and Games updated.

To go into the yard Sitemap please click the button at the top left corner "SITEMAP (DaftarIsi)", or click the link [Sitemap].

Thank's for your coming, I hope this article helps you. Happy Day for you and Have Fun!!!

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