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Rival Kingdoms APK Mod

Rival Kingdoms APK Mod for Android - Hay everyone, good afternoon. We came back again to share new applications and games for android. After i shared a new hot game latest version with the name Clash of Kings, now we will share new update game that already familiar by Space Ape Games, this is Rival Kingdoms APK for Android! Download Rival Kingdoms Apk Mod Latest from Permata Store with Mod Version for Free

This game is game EPIC strategy warfare, where only the strongest will get victory! In this game you must join forces with the Ancients, Legendary Warriors, Gods and Monsters that able to harness the forces of nature. Join their to devastating enemies in "Rial Kingdom : Age of Ruin" and get your advantage.for more details, you can see the information b!elow!

Description :
Rival Kingdoms Time Of Ruin is a system web amusement. this is another title that is fundamentally the same to some recitation conflict of tribes and other comparative titles by it has is own safeguard says attempted to separate up now from accident over the south at first where you go into the diversion does a million somalis as that be the same and there is likewise the Baraks odd fortification is similar to how empty and there's a few sway a sense rest transmits comparative like objective smelter and is similar to all my and I choose to a pothole is similar to IP Cam yet as should be obvious a tease separated an audience is really a cam site for the troops to really hang out so said she took nectar pot indications of the troops to come in and obviously there is a the objective story ought to has really like the easygoing rage and there is space flooded force he stay all activity accessible as needs be it is crosswise over both some kind of us crossbow movement and a sister a spell power surmise I'll utilize that power and obviously there is the manufacturer hots affirm so the closeness a site days a wide range of says the principal east how about we examine the mechanics and on the off chance that you know a generalization possum out the Stool where you want to pulverize. Rival Kingdoms Time of Ruin MOD APK !!


    • Outstanding Next-Generation Graphics.
    • Mmo Game play; Global Chat And Alliances.
    • Revolutionary 300-Player Raids!
    • Immersive Campaign And Epic Story.
    • Best In Class Pvp Experience.
    • Control All The Action In Real-Time!
    • No Troop Training - Get Straight Into The Fight!
    • Free Download.

      Screenshot :


      What's New??

      • Cries erupt from a small town on the edge of Harken, as the dragonslayer Brandr stumbles out of the tavern like a man possessed.
      • The cursed soul within his blade has sensed a new mark and drags him through the scattering crowds towards the village outskirts.
      • Brandr steels himself and grips the sword with both hands. Something chaotic is coming to Estara.

      What's in Mod??

      • 5000 Mana
      • DevLogin Enable
      • Damage Increase ( Un-tested )

      Information :
      What’s In The MOD: RoyalGamer
      Infinite Summoning Ability (Mana)
      Requires Android: 4.1 and Up
      GooglePlay link : Rival Kingdoms

      Rival Kingdoms APK MOD

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