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Download Ninja Heroes 1.7.0 APK for Android - good afternoon everybody. We came back again to share new applications and games for Android. Now we will share latest version Action Game that very popular, this is Ninja Heroes 1.7.0 Mod APK for Android !
As you know this game is have genre "Role Playing'. This game has mission to investigate this present reality of Ninja and experience the energizing enterprise with level up, take in a definitive jutsu and turn into the most grounded Ninja. You should fabricate the most grounded Ninja Town by winning in this epic multiplayer fight.
With hundred of plots and prohibited system will make the fight turn out to be more tremendous. Battle for companionship, peace and superbness! Get ready for the greatest Ninja War in the history and turn into the Legend. This diversion have million downloads with rating normal 4.4 out of 5. Alright folks, you can get this amusement by free! So what do you reconsider, you should attempt it and battle for flexibility. For more details you can see the information below!!

Features :
  • Ninja : Collect all over 100 Ninja with different technique!
  • Jutsu : Learn more than 100 Jutsu include Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Dojutsu and Senjutsu
  • Tailed Beast : Fight Jinchuriki, obtain the power of Tailed Beast and become the strongest Ninja
  • Arena PVP : Challenge each other and compete to be the greatest one
  • Endless Fun : Level up your Ninja, train Ninja, explore Ninja world, participate at Genin Trial exam, and more!
  • Auto Mode : Crush your enemies with auto mode for simple and easy battles!

Screenshot :

What's New??
  •    Clan System
    • Create New Clan
    • Join Clan
    • Clan Chat
    • Get Rank Position in Clan
  • Ninja Training
  • Add Skill in Equipment

Mega Mod :

  • infinite silver & gold coin
  • inf energy
  • VIP 1-12 avilable

System Requirements :
Android 4.0 and up

File Size : 
49 MB

Download Link :
> Ninja Heroes 1.7.0 APK for Android | [download]

Ninja Heroes 1.7.0 APK

How to Download ??

  1. Click "Download" Link
  2. Wait for 5 second !!
  3. Click Continue and Ignone Ads!
  4. And Click Link Download Button
  5. Get your File Apk, and install to your device

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